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Great Food. Great Value. Great Service. Phipps Bistro is your home away from home for travelers. From hearty breakfasts served until 2pm to our gourmet grab & go items, we strive to give our customers the variety food choices they desire. Local brands such as Something Classic’s Chicken Caesar Salad and California Turkey & Avocado Wrap and Tastebuds Popcorn flavors ranging from Snickers candy bar to Margarita are featured here as we encourage and develop local partnerships and relationships. Rounding out our menu is our locally prepared, fresh dessert menu from Charlotte’s own SouthernCakeQueen menu which includes everything from her famous Red Velvet Cheesecake brownies to Vanilla Poundcake and lots of items in between. Satisfy your appetite at Phipps Bistro.

Corey Jones
Corey JonesChef Food & Beverage

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